Where to Buy Band Shirts?

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Where to Buy Band Shirts?

You can find a lot of band shirts for sale online. You even choose to have it printed by yourself. All you need to do is buy a shirt and have it printed at your most favourite store that prints t-shirts. But there is something different from buying band shirts, right? Especially when they are vintage ones. You get to wear them when you go to the big music festivals near where you live.

So where are you going to look for these band shirts? This article will tell you where to buy them.


Ebay is the most popular marketplace all over the world wherein the sellers and buyers gather in this site and trade with each other in almost anything that they can get their hands on. Ebay is not only where you get to find modern band shirts, it is the best place to look for vintage items, including band shirts, too. These band shirts are all printed using the heat press machine, which is a machine used in printing labels on almost anything. This also includes t-shirts. The heat press method is different from any other printing methods, which is why it is the most preferred way of printing shirts.

Just don’t forget – when you want to buy vintage band shirts, the best source would be Ebay. They have everything from the oldest, but if you are looking for new ones, you’d probably be looking elsewhere.


This is another online marketplace where you can find vintage goods and handmade items. This is also almost like Ebay, wherein sellers and buyers from all over the world gather and sell each other, even buying very unique goods, too. This is a place where you can find truly unique items that you can’t find in common stores. This is a place where a vibrant creative community shares their talent through their products and services. You’ll even find unique band t-shirts here, too. It won’t be difficult for shoppers to find the best band shirts here, especially when it comes to vintage tees, too.

Vintage shops

From the name itself, it is already obvious that you’d find vintage goods here. However, you might want to find elsewhere if you are looking for new band shirts. The band shirts that you will likely find here are vintage ones. And if this is what you are looking for, this is the best place where you can find it. These shops have the best stocks of the world’s vintage items, band shirts included.

Junk food clothing

This place is where you will find authentic vintage band shirts both for men and women. Their collection is varied and vast. You can find their store online.

6 Dollar Shirts

Another online store wherein they sell vintage band shirts at a premium quality.


This is another online store that sells amazing vintage band shirts from the 80s and 90s. You can find here a lot of shirts of Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, The Pretenders, Brooks and Dunn, and many more.

Worn Free

This is an online leading store wherein you can find a lot of vintage rock band shirts that were once worn by several rockstar celebrities through the years.

Hip Soul Clothing

Another web store that features and sells some of the cool vintage rock band shirts from musicians made by themselves.

There are also the traditional brick and mortar stores wherein they sell various band shirts from different bands in existence today, whether it is modern or from the bands of the past.

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