When to Wear Band Shirts

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When to Wear Band Shirts

Before learning more about when is the appropriate time to wear band shirts, you have to learn how they are printed first.

There are various ways that the band shirts are printed and one of the highly recommended ways is the heat press machine. The music industry really love to promote their artist through various merchs, and one of the most effective way to market their artist is by printing the name of the band or the artist onto the front of the t-shirt. This is why you easily remember an artist name once you see them all the time from t-shirts – this is because it gets repeated all the time that it will be the only thing that you’ll remember.

The proper time to wear band shirts

There is no specific time on when you should wear band shirts. They are t-shirts and once you buy them, it will be up to you when you are going to wear them. However, if you are going to a formal function, it is natural that you aren’t going to wear them at all, unless the theme of the formal function is for you to create your own catchy fashion style.

However, there is one topic that you need to know and this is about a debate centering around the fact that there are diehard fans of the music industry that finds it annoying for certain people to wear band shirts without knowing the name of the band. What’s more, they want it used mainly for big music festivals, like Download, Reading and Leeds, and many more.

Where did all the hate come from? It is from when the fashion industry has started to include band shirts into their style.

If you visit clothes shops, especially among women, you’ll find certain shirts that have band names printed on them, not to mention they are vintage, too. Sometimes buyers wondered how a band shirt would end up in a store like that. If you take a look at celebrities today and how they sport their clothes with style, you will notice in some of their photos, they sport a band shirt inside, layered with coats and much other fashion statement in order to create something fresh with it. Just take a look at famous Hollywood celebrities – you will see how they wear those shirts like they are so proud of it.

So what’s the concern with people that are annoyed of this? They feel that rock and roll, in certain cases, is just being used as a type of fashion accessory. This is not entirely false, though. Certain people have no idea with which band is printed on their shirt. They just find the design really cool, which is why they wear them.

Should you only wear them during music festivals?

Band shirts, as already said above is a shirt that you own once it already made its way on your hands, especially when you have bought it. You own it, and it is up to you when you are going to wear it. You can wear it when you buy your favourite food at the grocer, or when you just want to spend some time in the park. There are no rules at all. The ones creating these barriers are the ones who feel that it must be stopped, which is only their opinion. The fashion industry doesn’t have a rule that you must only wear this and that, only recommendations. This means that if you feel comfortable with what you wear, no one is stopping you to wear it but yourself.

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