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Getting to see your favorite band play in person is one of the most promising and remarkable experiences of your life. If you are planning to attend one of the concerts of the Bombay Show Pig, here are the top rules that you should always keep in mind.

Rule #1 Always read the set list

Make sure that you read the set list first before you plan to attend the concert so that you know what songs they will be playing. If there are only a few songs that you like on their albums and they are not playing any of those, then you know when to back out of the concert because let’s face it, band ticket concerts are quite expensive and you must enjoy every minute of it to make the most out of your money.

Rule #2 Make sure to talk to people

Whether you are going alone or you have a companion, make sure that you strike a conversation with someone because clearly, you share the same interest. In order for you to thoroughly enjoy the music, you should try talking to other people—even strangers and you’ll be surprised because you will be able to gain a friend or two after the concert.

Rule #3 Do not take videos

As much as possible, do not take videos with your smartphone because you will most likely to have shaky footage. Just snap some pictures as a remembrance of the concert that you’ve attended. Do not worry because there would always be after movie of the concert that you can download on YouTube. Make the most out of your time by really watching the band play with your eyes not trying to take a decent footage of their performance.

Rule #4 Act appropriately

This is your favorite band playing, you came there to support their performances and you wanted to listen to their great music. So make sure that you act appropriately. Do not ever do anything that will draw attention from most of the crowd and yell irrelevant things to the band because it will seriously offend them. Maintain a good behavior and stop being a sideshow.

Rule #5 Behave properly

If you are going to enjoy the concert with your boyfriend, there’s nothing wrong with few small kiss and smacks here and there but do not make out in the middle of the crowd or you will surely draw attention and uncomfortable glances from other concertgoers. No matter how perfect the moment is, just hold hands and throw meaningful glances at each other but keep your mouth shut while enjoying the music. No matter how liberated you are, showing a little restraint will do everyone a favor.

Now that you know the rules of being a concertgoer, you should be able to make the most out of your money in buying the tickets and sure enough, the most remarkable experience you’ll ever have in your life. Follow the aforementioned rules and you should have no problems at all.