Support Artist by Buying their Merchandise

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Support Artist by Buying their Merchandise

Support Artist by Buying their Merchandise

How do you show your support to your favorite rock band? Do you go to their live shows? Buy their CDs? Tell your friends about them? Those are just some of the ways you can definitely show your support. But you ask yourself whether or not it is really that enough for them as a support is something you have thought over and over again. Fans really love showing their support and love for their favorite music band, so they will move mountains just so they can have their favorite band’s name echo in every corners of the earth.

Here is what you can do to show your support to your favorite band!

Buy their merchs

Merchs or merchandise is items that represent the whole band and their music. They will get decent margins of sales from this one, especially when you buy their merchs from their live shows or from their online shops. The money that they will get from the merchs will go straight to their pockets, wherein they will save it for their next live show. Artists also love seeing their fans or people in general wear their merch.

Talking about wearing merch, among the ideas that is perfect for this part is by selling printed band shirts that are printed using the heat press machines. The heat press machines’ job is mainly for printing, but it is not limited to printing t-shirts alone. It can print on almost any flat surface, as long as a design exist. The good thing about this kind of printing technique is the colors are really bright and the edges of the design are very sharp, although it depends on the design as well. This is why a lot of bands prefer the heat press machines because they know it really well how long lasting the prints are going to be on the shirt.

Another reason that bands love seeing their band shirts being worn by people is that it makes them feel recognized and even validating their art, thus it encourages them to keep on creating. It sends good vibes to them.

The cheapest merchs that a band can come up with is the sticker. They are easy to replicate into mass amounts, not to mention each of them are very cheap to buy. They are widely used for promotions or selling.

Posters are the staple in every band merchandise. Many fans love putting up posters of their favorite rock band or pop star inside their rooms because it makes them happy, which is why this is one of the best favorites among the buyers. Most companies provide a 12×18 poster on the same price that the 11×17 inches poster is sold for.

As with music, CDs are always there. How can you enjoy a their music if there are no CDs? They are generally the best options that most musicians go for since fans like to have something tangible on their way home from the live shows, which is something they can never enjoy when they are downloading music. It will also take less room compared to having them recorded on vinyl. CDs also possess higher profit margins.

Custom Merchs

The ones that are enumerated above are the most common merchs that you’ll find at live shows and online shops. But custom merchs are emerging, too. You’ll find these band printed on bracelets, shot glasses, dog tags and many others. You’d even be surprised that some of them are printed on hats or beanies. There are various ideas out there that you may have not explored, so it is best to try them out.

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