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Make Your Own Band Shirt

Make Your Own Band Shirt

Do you have your own band and want to promote it? It is expected that most band want to promote their name by distributing or selling their own merchandise, but which of the merchs are really that effective? Aside from the CDs that you sell, another merchandise that is very effective in letting people know that you exist as a band is by printing your own band shirt. Here are some of the finest examples on how to get you started with making your own band shirt.

Album cover

This is a kind of band shirt wherein the cover of your album, whether this is the first or the second album you’ve made, is printed on the front. To put this simply, this is a t-shirt wherein it features the cover of your album. Album are very iconic, especially when they are designed well by the artist that you’ve entrusted the creation, too. Once people see that the design is iconic and catchy, they will not hesitate to ask or do their own research what your band is about. That is how powerful a greatly designed album is. If you’ve noticed, many vintage band shirts feature the most popular album of the band. And they are even cooler when they are worn. That is how powerful and influential album printed band shirts are.

The portrait

  1. The portrait printing style is more common among pop stars than rock bands. This is the kind of band shirt wherein it features the portrait of the entire band or frontman.

The Tour Souvenir

This is the kind of band shirt wherein it features the tour that the band is in, especially during a concert tour. If you are having a tour or you are invited into one of the biggest music festivals, you should include this in your merch. This is usually way more pricey than when sold at retail stores. At the back of this shirt features the concert dates.

Logo Shirt

There comes a time when the band will reach a point in their fame that they are no longer musical acts and turned into brands, wherein it includes their own slogan and logo. The Logo shirt is just that, wherein it represents or shows the name of the band. The logo can be in its graphical representation or of a different icon that the band has chosen for themselves.

Band Mascot

In the music industry, the mascot is the virtual spokesperson for the group or band. They are oftentimes believed to be bringers of luck and will also provide the face to an organization that looks soulless. In the music world, the heavy metal bands are the ones who have a long history about mascots. They are very alive that they even come with their own Twitter conversations.

Song inspiration

You’ve probably seen band shirts wherein the lyrics of their most popular song is printed at the back or the front. It can also be the song’s graphical presentation, too.

Printing band shirts on heat press machines

All these ideas can be printed on your preferred shirt material using the heat press machine. They are the most high performing machine that can print really clean design on the surface of the shirt.

You might be thinking about buying your own heat press machine, but it can be costly if you are just going to print out merchs on a limited time. It is better if you leave it to the professionals so that you won’t have to think about buying a very expensive heat press machine to print your own band shirt.

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