How to DIY Band Shirts

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How to DIY Band Shirts

How to DIY Band Shirts

Whether you are in a band in charge of their merchandise or a simple music lover that just want to enjoy every band by printing their names on the T-shirts, you’ve got to learn how to make your own band shirts. You are free to create almost anything, especially when you want to have your own merch or with having your own band shirts collection. What you need to know is where you should get started and how to print them with just the resources you have.

Printing with the Heat Press Machine

You all know that t-shirts have different ways on how labels or designs are printed on them. However, if your band is just starting and you want to print t-shirts as part of your merch and branding, you might just want to leave it to the professionals to have them printed. Heat press machines are used in printing almost on anything, and it is common among printed t-shirts, too.

Here are the different ways that heat press machines are used for:

  • Vinyl graphics and lettering
  • Sublimation heat transfers
  • Laser heat transfer
  • Inkjet heat transfer
  • Rhinestone application
  • Silk screen transfers

These are the most common ways that heat press machines are done to print band shirts. Below are the things you need to prepare for.

  • Design or create the design of your shirt. In this case, if you are promoting your band, you can use the logo that presents the band. You can also add more designs to it if you wish, too. There are different ways that you can prepare the design of your band that will be printed on your t-shirt. The design must be drawn out first then you need to determine if you will need to do several screens in order to get everything done at once. Some t-shirt printing that have a lot of designs in different areas of the shirt will need to have more cut outs.
  • One you have completed the design, you need to cut it out using the craft knife or X-acto. You have to keep in mind that anything that is cut out will show up when you have the design printed on the shirt. This means that you only need to cut out the one that must show up on the final printing of the shirt. There might be at times that you have to let the lines of the paper remain in order to hold the cut-out pieces together.
  • Affix the design to the screen using a tap. You can do this by placing a white sheet of paper or a cardboard inside the shirt that you need to print on, so that the ink will not bleed on the other side. Place the screen on the area where you want to print.
  • Have someone in your band hold down on the screen. Put the ink on the screen and utilize a squeegee in order to press on the ink through the screen. This is done by dragging the squeegee back and forth through the area that needs to be inked. The times that you need to does this depends on the pressure that you need to apply on the squeegee and the place where the inking will be done.

When you make your merch for your band and you find that there is a need for you to have your own heat press machine, keep in mind that it can be quite costly when you buy them. It also means that you have to invest in a high quality press machine. For starters, it is best that you leave it to the professionals to have the t-shirt printed. Find one that has the best quality.

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