Guns N’ Roses: The Pinnacle of Rock Music from the 80s to Now

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The Pinnacle of Rock Music from the 80s to Now

Guns N’ Roses: The Pinnacle of Rock Music from the 80s to Now

Power. Pure unbridled power. These are not terms that are commonly associated with the plethora of contemporary synthesizer laden, cleanshaven, Grammy waitin’ music groups who label themselves as “rock bands”. Few can lay claim to the raw, unremorseful style of 80’s rock which Guns N’ Roses so thoroughly defined in their debut album Appetite for Destruction, which ended up being the fastest selling debut album of all time.

Appetite for Destruction is notable in a number of regards for the creative insights and deft axemanship by lead guitarist Slash combined with the vocal acuity of GNR front man Axl Rose. Together, they created a couple of the most recognizable and most covered songs in all of rock ‘n roll history. Songs such as “Welcome to the Jungle” embody the aggressive, dangerous aura of Guns N’ Roses with tremendous build-up in the beginning of the song with reverberating guitar chords from Slash and an anticipatory bass-line, which leads into Axl’s rant about the “Jungle” ( a metaphor for just about any major city). Besides its instrumental successes, “Welcome to the Jungle” manages not to fall prey to the error of many hard rock/glam rock bands of the time – sounding quaint and redundant (a modern issue with contemporary rap as well). “Welcome to the Jungle” actually delves into the psychological undertones of life in the jungle that is the city.

In addition to the power ballads in Appetite for Destruction, such as “Welcome to the Jungle”, Guns N’ Roses showcases Axl’s renowned lyrical abilities and the guitar expertise that has cemented Slash as a legend in the annals of rock history with “Sweet Child o’ Mine”, which topped the BillBoard Hot 100. The song begins with what can only be described as one of best guitar riffs of all time – a simple, but profound progression of notes which effectively defined Guns N” Roses from past to present – the epitome of their public exposure. “Sweet Child o’ Mine” featured Axl Rose demonstrating his melodic, soothing capabilities as a singer, and Slash’s talent for further characterizing rock with a guitar solo that puts his artistic creativity and skill on display.

So, if you’re in the mood for real classic rock, or just want to take a trip back into the golden ages of music, Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction will be sure to whet your appetite.

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