Define the Great Line by Underoath

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Define the Great Line by Underoath

Define the Great Line by Underoath

Drums. Electric and Bass guitars. A keyboard. Crisp vocals, mixed with heartfelt screamo. Intense, heavy rock punctuated with melodic emo and screamo sounds unlike any other band. Underoath. An amazing rock band, with amazing talent. “Define the Great Line” only continues this great tradition.

Underoath is a Christian hardcore band hailing from the fantastic Seattle-based Tooth and Nail/Solid State Records. “Define the Great Line” is there 5th album, with the previous album, “They’re only Chasing Safety” selling quite well and catapulting them into the hardcore spotlight, with it selling around 350,000 copies. Their other albums include “Act of Depression,” “Cries of the Past,” and “The Changing of the Times.”

They’ve changed their style rather drastically since their founding, as they used to record much heavier, metal music, and often very long songs. “Cries of the Past” featured a song that was 11 minutes and 23 seconds long. Now, the band style is likened to a post-hardcore/metal-core, with emo and screamo styles mixed in as well.

Underoath was formed in 1998 in Ocala, Florida, by the former front man, Dallas Taylor. He is no longer with the band, having led them through three albums. Currently, since the last two albums, the band is led by Spencer Chamberlain. The band currently has a total of 6 members, playing everything from the guitar to the keyboard.

Define the Great Line has done exceedingly well, with it reaching Gold status (selling 500,000+ copies), and is the first album in the history of Solid State to have reached this status. 11 songs are on the album, starting with the explosive, “In regards to Myself” and finishing with, “To Whom is May Concern.” Their sound hasn’t changed too much from their previous, “They’re only Chasing Safety” album, and still has the melodic singing parts mixed with deep ‘growls’ and ‘scream/screamo’, a key part of their style of music.

The lead singer, Spencer Chamberlain, has been instructed by noted voice teacher, Melissa Cross, who has also coached many other bands in their vocals. Underoath has retained their deep, passionate music that really speaks to the soul, as only their type of music can. They’ve changed a lot since their beginning years, but they are still producing solid, intense music that has thrown their religious beliefs into the rock spotlight.

Let’s be clear here-Underoath is working in an area that has traditionally been extremely anti-Christian, yet they aren’t shy about their faith. They’ve been criticized for their stance on some issues, notably, gay marriage, but they haven’t backed down. Their music really speaks of true hope, despite the dark and downfallen things they must deal with in this world.

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