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Bombay Show Pig had reigned over the years for delivering great music not just to their fans but to the rest of the world as well. If you are one of their fans, we ensure you that you get the most out of the band concerts and performances that your favorite band will be playing for you. For all the tours, concerts, and live performances in which the band is going to play, we will put you in our top priorities.

The music industry nowadays had paid more attention to bands with great songs and lyrics. Bombay Show Pig had gained more and more popularity as years pass by and with the growing number of fans that adore the amazing talent of this band, we cannot thank you enough.

The band had traveled different places just to spread out music and good vibes to people who loves listening to music. Their passion for writing songs and playing it had inspired thousands of people and touched the heart of many because of the great lyrics of the song. If you are going to attend one of the performances of this band, there are few vital points that you should always keep in mind.

First, make sure that you book in a legit source. As much as we wanted to eliminate all illegitimate sources who are selling out fake tickets, we cannot get rid of them all. So please make sure that wherever you are buying the concert tickets, it’s 100% legit and can be trusted. If you wanted to save some money then you should consider buying tickets on the venue so that you don’t have to pay for the booking fee and delivery costs anymore.

Second, please wear comfortable clothes while you are watching the show. Most of the people will start to jump up and down, dance around, and the crowd will be in the heat of the moment so please make sure that you are comfortable in doing so. Wearing cocktail dress and heels is not very advisable for this kind of event. A simple pants and shirt will do. Avoid wearing valuable jewels if you don’t want to lose it in the process of dancing, moving around, and jumping.

Third, we are not held responsible for any loss or damage of items. It will be your own responsibility to take care of your things so make sure that your cellular phone and money are in your front pocket only. You could never know that pickpocketers have the same taste in music as you.

Fourth, be responsible. The band members appreciate your shouting and trying to sing along with them but if you are already shouting irrelevant things on the show and drawing attention from the crowd, they will surely get offended. Everyone wants to have a great time that’s why they attended this concert so we deeply appreciate good manners and right behavior at this moment.

Fifth, do not cause any commotions or fights. Not only that it will cause disruption in the band playing but you could also disturb other concertgoers who just wanted to watch the show in peace. If someone accidentally hits you, please understand that you are in the middle of a big crowd and that you are not allowed to start a fight otherwise the security guards will be forced to drag you away from the venue to maintain the peace and security in the concert.

For a more remarkable experience, make sure to follow the aforementioned tips above. We appreciate your admiration for the band and we also appreciate if you take things slowly and properly.  The band is traveling to many places, as what we have mentioned above, just to see you and play for you. You wouldn’t miss the chance in the world, right? By following the aforementioned tips and advice, you will surely go home with a smile on your face, not worrying about your phone or valuable items getting lost, or your ears being ripped off from the dangling earrings.

We wanted to give you the best experience and we ask for your full cooperation in order to do so. be a responsible concertgoer and you should never encounter any problem at all when it comes to watching your favorite band play on stage and knowing that they are just a few blocks away from you will make you feel amazing and lucky. We all deserve to listen to great music so let’s take responsibility for it.