A Review on Papa Roach

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A Review on Papa Roach

A Review on Papa Roach

Metamorphosis, the sixth great album of Papa Roach, shows their latest accomplishments to redefine their music. Papa Roach had really made their development with their extensive label presentation, Infest, at the start of the first 10 years. Their Infest album tended to include a rap/rock metal style like the all known Linkin Park. After all, Papa Roach began to move away from the rap style and started to move towards a pop/rock metal style.

The songs all through out the Metamorphosis album is very catchy and well made with a spicy effect. Tight guitar riffs and solos and cool drum parts make it awesome. But the whole outcome of the album has some flaws to it too. The problem is the lead singer, Jacoby Shaddix. He has the potiental and capability of a nice and strong voice, but the lyrics he writes are not creative and can sound like some hardcore poser or an emo poser. His act of singing is missing dynamic contrast and true liability.

Papa Roach’s music is impressive and has a specific attraction, but the anxiety and grudge in the songs is missing realness and gives the reputation of a band that is set up to be on a reality TV show. The Metamorphosis album seems to target a teen audience and its can possibly be placed into video game soundtracks. Inside Papa Roach’s earlier work of recording music, there was a captivating truthful meaning to the music that has by then gone away while going through their 10 years of music records.

Still overall, I still think Papa Roach is a great band that exists in today’s world. To be honest, I listen to them everyday because it inspires me to do my everyday work and there Lifeline song is very catchy and tight. I recommend that you listen to their music if your into rock, punk, metal, and alternatve. Listen to some of their older albums too, like Infest and The Paramour Sessions.

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